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The Nature Mother’s Almanac For Healing Yourself Naturally.

Is a Monthly Holistic Health Membership Program to Promote Health and Vitality as it Supports you Being Successful in the Three Primary Areas of your Life

Health Happiness Prosperity.


Many spend a lot of money getting readings from many sources for guidance as to how to best make good decisions about Health, Happiness and Prosperity in life.  All of these readings can be important in showing us personal traits and strengths to embellish in ourselves, as well as specific traits to avoid and release, which is useful information in our everyday lives.

Until now it has been difficult to find the information for all three Categories in one place.

    • Are you spending hours without much success, looking for natural solutions to promote and support your health and wellness throughout the year that will both increase stamina and support your emotional stability?


    • Are you focused and directed on your spiritual journey as you interweave spirit into your daily activities to experience happiness in both the big and small achievements in your life?


  • Are you managing your Energy Output?  Do you have enough Energy to put your projects and goals into action and to do what needs to be done to successfully see them through to completion?


    • The Nature Mother provides great information to support your health and wellbeing with healthy recommendations in the form of foods in season, vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, oils and gems specific for the energy frequencies of the month that we are in.


    • Every month the Nature Mother’s Almanac guides you through the natural cycles of the month to support your physical, emotional and mental aspects as you unfold spiritually, and have more than enough energy to achieve your goals and complete your projects.  


  • The Lunar Calendar will guide with knowing the best time to take action, the best time to be dormant, the best time to plant your ideas and the best time to harvest your goals is amazing.  The calendar also guides with choices as to what you eat and drink, focus on, release and exercise through every day of the Lunar Cycle.  

Aligning with Universal Life Force through Nature enables us to utilize the incredible power of this partnership Spirit in Nature to assist us as we align with the natural cycles of the universe. This partnership enhances us as spiritual/natural beings, in a way that nothing else can. Becoming a partner with Universal Life Force teaches us and propels our actions and movements along with the energetic patterns of nature that are so beneficial in ways that are hard to describe. The ease one experiences with any issue or project, when conscious of this partnership as you work with the ebb and flow of the natural cycles presented in this program, and connecting to Life Force through nature each month, is awesome

Universal Father of Life

This is Your day, the day which You have made. You made the sun to rise; You have given light and warmth to the earth; You have given us the rains and the snows; the seasons of the year are Yours, time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, the waxing and waning of the moon and the sun cycles.  This is Your day.

You created me; I am Yours. You created me in the womb from the beginning. Use me this day, for as the heavens declare the glory of You and the earth shows forth Your handiwork, so must I show forth the glory of You and Your creation. This day let me glorify You. This day let Your Will be made manifest in me. This day, let Your Grace flow from me and through me to all those whom I meet.

Father of Universal Life, it is Thy intelligence that I need today not my limited wisdom, but Thy infinite wisdom. This day, I need all the love with which Thou canst fill me. Give me Thy life, Thy wisdom and Thy love in full measure.

~~Joel S. Goldsmith.


The Nature Mother specializes in Holistic Health Remedies,Nature Remedies and Therapies, and Natural Holistic Health with different  Natural  Health Therapies.
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